What is the correct substance name of Alcohol?

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Because you have included "health" as one of your tags, I am assuming you are asking about the type of alcohol that is an ingredient in alcoholic beverages. The particular type of alcohol found in alcoholic drinks is ethanol. In common use, ethanol is usually called either "alcohol" or "spirits." Ethanol's molecular formula is C2H5OH, with C2H5 representing the ethyl grouping of molecules and the OH standing for the oxygen in a hydroxyl group.

People have produced ethanol for drink by fermenting sugar since prehistoric time. Today, ethanol is also used as a solvent, as a base for creating other chemicals, and as a form of fuel.

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There are different types of alcohol and many different terms to refer to all of them. However the most common are to use isoprophyl (commonly known as "rubbing alcohol"), or to use methanol or ethanol to refer to the alcohol used for drinking.

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