What is the correct pronunciation of "Terabithia" in the title Bridge to Terabithia?

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"Terabithia is pronounced with a short "e" sound as in the word "bear", in "Ter", and the short "a" sound as in "about" for the "a" and a short "i" sound as in "inch" for "bith" and finally a long "e" sound as in "ease"  and then another short "a" sound as in "about" for the "a" at the end.  I know this looks elementary and complicated, but as there is no dictionary respelling, this is the best explanation I could give.   I also put this together

(těr uh bith ē uh)  I hope this helps.

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The word "Terabithia" is pronounced (Tear-a-bi-the-a). Hope this answer is helpful and to the point :-)

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