What are the cornerstones of success for the overall mission of Homeboy Industries?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although measuring success in nonprofit industries is more complex than in for-profits, having such metrics is important in making sure that a company is achieving its goals. For many nonprofits, the first metric commonly used in the ration of overhead expenses to money actually put to use in support of the company's mission. Thus a key feature in making Homeboy Industries effective is making sure that it focuses its efforts on its actual mission of training former gang members to get productive jobs rather than on expensive offices. It's also important that fundraising efforts look closely at cost effectiveness -- a campaign that spends $100,000 to raise $1,000,000 is far more effective than one that costs $1,000,000 and raises $2,000,000.

In terms of its mission, the cornerstone of its success has been its focus on job training. Rather than trying to use a scattershot approach, Homeboy focuses on elements such as tattoo removal, drug rehabilitation, and legal assistance as support for job training and placement. This clear focus allows Homeboy to build not only experience but also networks to aid former gang members in their efforts to reintegrate into society without rejoining gangs.

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