In Silas Marner, what contributions do Godfrey and Nancy make to Eppie’s wedding?

Expert Answers

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Godfrey and Nancy felt guilty because they still believed that they should have kept Eppie as a baby and raise her themselves. Godfrey also knew that money was not going to be able to make up for lost time and care. However, he ensured that Eppie had a wonderful wedding.

First, he sent a dress to be made for her. Nancy and Godfrey also donated their beautiful home, flowers, and decorations for the wedding to be a complete success. In addition to that, they offered the wedding banquet and invited many people from the village so that everyone could be in awe at how beautiful she looked. They also did that because deep inside they knew how much Eppie cared for Aaron genuinely, and because they knew Silas's sacrifices into raising her into becoming such a good person.

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