What contributions did Herman Samuel Reimarus," "Jean-Jacques Rousseau," "Friederich Schleiermacher," "Adolph von Harnack,""Alfred Firmin Loisy," "Thomas Henry Huxley make in the Modern/ Enlightenment Era?

Reimarus and Harnack presented Christianity in a human context. Schleiermacher tried to show that Christianity could shape an individual’s identity and feelings. Loisy showed that Christianity could include philosophical and scientific developments. Huxley advocated outright agnosticism. Rousseau warned about the alienating aspects of modernity while promoting equality and education.

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Hermann Samuel Reimarus

This German philosopher was one of the first big thinkers to question the divinity of Jesus. For Reimarus, Jesus was a human with godly pretensions. He also strove to see the rationality of religion.

Jean Jacques Rousseau

One of the main topics of the French philosopher was the growing alienation of human beings. He saw the rise of big cities and the concentration of people as an adverse development that curtailed human freedom. He also tapped into the enlightenment’s emphasis on equality and education.

Friedrich Schleiermacher

This German thinker tried to bridge the gap between religious dogma and enlightenment thinking by showing how the former could provide shape and sustenance to individual identity and feeling.

Adolf von Harnack

As with Reimarus, Harnack sought to understand Christianity by connecting it to the human world. Haranck argued that Christianity was important as a historical development that helps people understand the trajectory of history.

Alfred Loisy

This French theologian took issue with Harnack’s historical evaluation of Christianity. As a response, Loisy portrayed the principles of Christianity in ways that connected them to developments in philosophy and science. Loisy’s update of Christianity has made people view him as the founder of Modernism.

Thomas Henry Huxley

Huxley enforced the enlightenment program by advocating agnosticism. He was also a robust defender of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

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