What contributes to the feeling of Thornfield Hall having a very Gothic atmosphere?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Several components contribute to Thornfield Hall having a very Gothic quality.  As each is listed, pay attention to the text to see how Bronte substantiates such a description.  The hall itself, is very large, and gives way to mystery.  Jane is initially struck by its larger than life form and its very enigmatic nature.  Jane's descriptions of it lends it to be seen as supernatural of another world.  This initial description would enhance its' Gothic feel.  The circumstances surrounding Rochester and his insane wife also add to this feel of Gothic caricature.  The idea of a "locked wing," or a section of the house that lies unknown to the curious and thoughtful Jane also adds the particular feeling of something that lies beyond explanation of cannot be explained.  The reverberations of the laughter in the hall's echoes also cause a great deal of Gothic feel.  Finally, Bertha's burning of the hall gives the Gothic feel of curse and condemnation.