What is the contextual significance of portfolio assessment in the field of education?

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Portfolio assessment is a way of keeping track of student work showing effort, growth, achievement and progress in a particular area. It should also contain feedback from the teacher and show progress of that student over a period of time. It should have specific educational goals for that child and show that that child has mastered the core curriculum for that subject. It is a way for students to save their work in an organized way and for the teacher and other students to share and comment on that work. Student are expected to collect work, select it and reflect on it. Why was this particular work chosen? Would it be useful to share with others? Why was it good? Where did it show improvement? It gives students a greater role in their own education and provides the teacher with a record that shows progress or if not, where more work needs to be done to bring that student up to the standard that needs to be achieved.

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