What is the significance of Normal School in the field of education?

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The concept of the "normal school" has much in way of significance in the field of education.  The term is no longer used, but the concept is highly relevant to the education field.  The concept of a "normal school" is that of a teacher preparation setting.  A case can be made that this is the most significant element to the field of education.  How teachers are prepared in terms of their training and their ability to understand the realities and conditions in which their teaching and learning will transpire is of vital importance to the field of education.  A direct line can be drawn between how teachers are prepared and how students will learn, as well as how their instruction will be driven.  The "normal school" sought to set an established "norm" or standard that could reached, suggesting that the preparation of teachers is one of the most vital elements in the construction of public education.  The "normal school" commitment to preparing teachers to the highest of degrees is one of the most important elements in the field of modern education.  It is significant for the messages that these individuals possess are going to be experienced by the students, forming the basis of modern educational success.

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