What is the contextual significance of informal assessment  in the field of education?

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The significance of informal assessment in the field of education is that it can and should be used by teachers on a regular basis within each class to ensure that their students are comprehending the information the teachers are trying to impart.

Informal assessment is done by teachers often within each class period.  The teachers ask students questions on an informal basis to check the students’ understanding.  This is not the same thing as a formal assessment such as a quiz or exam. 

If teachers do not engage in such informal assessments on a regular basis, they risk “losing” their students and not realizing that they have done so.  They will not find out that they have lost their students until a formal assessment.  At that point, it will be much harder to go back, reteach the material, and get the students back to where they should be.  The students may also have become frustrated by this point if they have been “lost” for too long.

Therefore, the significance of informal assessments is that they are an important tool for teachers to use every day to see if their students are learning.

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