What is the contextual significance in cultural diversity in the field of education?

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Cultural diversity is significant in education for two main reasons.

First, cultural diversity is important because many schools and teachers have to deal with issues of cultural diversity.  Our country is extremely diverse, particularly in many urban areas.  Schools may have students who speak many different languages and come from many different cultures.  They have to find ways to make all students feel included and accepted at the school.  At the same time, they need to teach basic American values rather than giving in to different attitudes on important things like gender equality.

Second, schools need to teach about cultural diversity.  We live in a diverse country and a rapidly globalizing world.  This means that our students need to be aware of the challenges they might face in dealing with people from other cultures.  They need to be able to interact with such people in the future even if they do not do so in the present. 

Thus, cultural diversity is significant in the field of education because educators must teach about it and because they must often deal with the challenges that it presents in the classroom and in the school.

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