What is the contextual significance of conduct in the field of education?

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Conduct includes many different things.  Therefore, there are many ways in which it can be significant in the field of education.  Let us look at three of these ways.

First, there is the issue of student conduct in the classroom.  Many people feel that students today are less well-behaved than students once were.  They blame a breakdown in respect for authority.  They blame more protective parents.  Whatever the cause, there are many who feel that bad student conduct harms teachers’ ability to give their students a quality education.

Second, there is the issue of teacher conduct.  Teacher conduct is strongly scrutinized by parents and teachers can get themselves in a lot of trouble if they are not careful.  Teachers therefore need to be extremely cautious to avoid putting themselves in positions where they can be accused of misconduct with students.  They must also be careful about their conduct in the classroom and in imposing discipline.

Finally, there is the issue of whether schools should be in the business of teaching proper conduct.  There are many who feel that schools should play a greater role in teaching our children proper morality and proper behavior (conduct).  Traditionally, schools did more of this but this has become controversial today.  There is a tension between those who want schools to be active in teaching proper conduct and those who do not want teachers and other school personnel trying to tell their children what is and is not proper.

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