What is the contextual significance of Bloom's taxonomy in the field of education?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bloom’s taxonomy is extremely important in the context of education because it tells teachers a great deal about the order in which they must teach so that they can get their students to succeed in higher level thinking.

In education, it is very important to get our students to do something more than just knowing facts.  There are some educational systems in which rote memorization of facts is encouraged, but the American system does not feel that this level of knowledge is sufficient.

Bloom’s taxonomy is significant because it lays out a framework for understanding the different levels of learning.  Bloom tells us that students must master lower levels of learning before they can attempt more complicated tasks.  For example, before we try to get students to apply their knowledge, they need to gain knowledge and understanding of a given idea.  It would be too frustrating to students to try to ask them to apply the knowledge before they know and understand the material.

In other words, Bloom’s taxonomy shows us the order in which we must teach our students various things so that they can reach the higher levels of thinking that we want them to achieve.