What are contemporary issues of leadership?

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What does it take to be effective and efficient leader?  There are certain behaviors and traits that successful leaders have.  Along with these behaviors and traits, a leader has to have principles that he is guided by. 

In reviewing leadership qualities and characteristics used by the military and various business organizations, I came up with the following leadership traits that are needed to be a successful leader: 

1)  Know your people and your business.  2)  Insist on realism.  3)  Set clear goals and priorities.  4)  Follow through.  5)  Inspect, don't expect.  6)  Reward the doers.  7)  Expand people's capacities.  8)  Know yourself and seek self improvement.  9)  Take responsibility for everyone's actions.  10)  Communicate, communicate, communicate.  11)  Be flexible.  12)  If it works, don't fix it!  13)  Use "we" rather than "I".  14)  Embrace change.

In short, an effective leader is created by his own individual traits, molded by his own inherent principles, enhanced by surrounding himself with the right people, driven by his desire to succeed and be the best, and shaped by his ability to embrace change.   These are the things that have given the world its great leaders down through the ages!