What is containment? List and define three examples of containment.

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Containment was our policy after World War II to stop communism from spreading. This policy was based on the Long Telegram that was issued by George Keenan. The Long Telegram suggested that communism was a flawed system that would fail. Keenan believed we needed to prevent communism from spreading.

There were several examples where we worked to prevent communism from spreading. One was in West Berlin. The Soviet Union wanted to force the Allies out of West Berlin so they could make the entire city a communist city. The Soviet Union cut off all land routes into West Berlin in an event that is known as the Berlin Blockade. We refused to leave West Berlin, and we organized the Berlin Airlift to get supplies into West Berlin. Eventually, the Soviet Union backed down and ended the Berlin Blockade.

Another example where we opposed the spread of Communism was in South Korea. When North Korea invaded South Korea to make Korea a communist country, we worked with the United Nations to remove North Korea from South Korea. Under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur, we were able to keep South Korea from becoming a communist country.

A third example of containment was the European Recovery Program, known as the Marshall Plan. We offered aid to countries that were resisting the spread of communism. For example, Greece and Turkey were two countries that were offered aid. Both countries didn’t become communist.

The goal of containment was designed to stop the spread of communism. This policy was successful in many places.

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