What are the constitutional faults which stimulated Canada's formation?  

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Some might say that the greatest fault in Canada's Constitution was that it was under the control of England's Parliament until 1982, though this date is far past the date of Canada's "formation," which is usually reckoned as 1867. This year saw the formation of the Dominion of Canada (1867) following the 1866 London Conference.

After the Colonial Constitution was drawn up under the Constitutional Act of 1791, difficulties with overlapping authority was one of the faults that helped spur the formation of Canada as a Dominion (1867). The authority of the British Parliament and the Dominion's Assemblies overlapped giving rise to conflicts and hostilities between the two governing bodies and between the people of England and Canada. Another fault was that authority over taxation and spending was in conflict. While the Assemblies controlled taxation and budget, the Crown's representatives could spend from the budget without consulting the Assemblies.

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