What constitutes active involvement in Catholic school liturgy?

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Active involvement of Catholic schools in liturgy is fundamental to these schools’ existence.  Absent such involvement on the part of the students, most parish priests and their bishops would have difficulty justifying the expenditures associated with their operation. 

Involvement in liturgy in Catholic schools occurs a number of ways, including through daily prayers, attendance at weekly mass, religious instruction as part of the regular curriculum, emphasis on religious themes in art and music, and the requirement for certain types of charitable activities during post-school hours.  Being private parochial academic institutions, the daily involvement of the student body in religious activities is an expectation of all concerned.  And involvement in liturgical activities is not confined to the students; whole families are expected to contribute to school-time and after-school activities, including religious services (attendance is expected on specified occasions), theatrical and choral presentations, and fund-raising activities during which connection to the theological underpinnings of Catholicism is emphasized.