What is considered a didactic method in the novel Great Expectations and "Goblin Market" the poem?

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A didactic book is used by the author to teach a lesson.  In Great Expectations, Dickens is trying to teach us that money does not buy happiness or love.  At this point in his life, Dickens was fairly bitter about his accomplishments.  He had all the fame and money he needed, and he neither fit in with nor appreciated the lifestyle of the rich.  He considered the concept of "gentleman" to be hypocritical, because most gentlemen did not have the moral quality Dickens felt they should.  Dickens was also deeply unhappy in love.  His marriage was a failure, in his opinion, and he lost all faith in passionate love.

A similar theme is explored in “Goblin Market” where the fruit is only satisfying at first.  Just as the money does not by happiness in Great Expectations, it does not lead to satisfaction in Goblin Market.  We may be tempted, but we are left with nothing but the bitter aftertaste of disappointment and corruption.


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