Discuss if we should conserve economic resources/ use resources wisely.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From an economic point of view, I don't see any other option but to conserve economic resources and use them wisely.  The globalized setting of the marketplace would represent a reason as to why this is necessary.  As more and more people enter the global marketplace, at some point, resources will be finite.  I think that more people benefit in the long run if there is an ethic of conservation that everyone adopts in ensuring that the marketplace is viable and sustainable for as long a time as possible.  Globalization has had a transformative impact on people's lives and the more people who can actively participate in this forum, the better we all are.  I don't think that these ends are served if individuals waste economic resources or rig the marketplace to allow themselves to consume everything at the cost of others.  While self- interest does govern the marketplace of economic resources, there has to be an ethic of respect for this forum where all participate.  Part of this would be to ensure that economic resources are used wisely and conserved in a proper manner in order to sustain viability for both the individual and the market that benefits them.  If individuals wish to continue to have a free market configuration where external intervention is not threatened, it will have to conform to a conservation and respect of those economic resources.  When individuals abuse this ethic, the clamor and reality for external intervention become more real and might end up hurting the marketplace from which all benefit.