What are the consequences on riding your bike before nine in the book The Giver?

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Riding a bicycle before the age of nine is the most frequently broken rule, and everyone looks the other way so there are no consequences.

The bicycle, and other items handed out at the ceremonies like special jackets and jobs, are symbols.  The bicycle is one of the strongest symbols.  It is a symbol of independence.  It means that a person is starting to be trusted to move out on his or her own.

In Jonas ’s community, there are many rules.  It is not like in our world, where any child can get a bicycle.  In Jonas’s world, bicycles are a rite of passage given out at a special ceremony.  Technically, it is against the rules to ride a bicycle before you are nine years old and get your bicycle.  However, most children are taught to ride one by friends or older siblings so that when they get their bike they already know how.  It is considered a very minor rule to break,...

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