what are the consequences of female feticide?

aakritibhatia | Student

The consequences of missing women are disastrous to contemplate. It is a tragedy that the very fact that we are killing one million women annually is not being seen as a reason to stop this genocide. Indeed it is ironical that the reason that is provided as strongest reason for stopping this genocide is the fact that men won’t find wives to get married. Indeed if one were to argue that one must stop sex selective abortions and this genocide of women on grounds of women’s rights, such an argument won’t be taken seriously at all. However since we are people of this world and not philosophers in mountains, let us consider the implications of 10% of men not being able to find a wife and having to lead a single life for almost 60 years of their adult life. The implications are very tragic, grave, painful and disastrous to contemplate. We are not talking of saints and monks, who can lead a life, without marriage delighting in spiritual joys, but men in flesh, with carnal instincts predominating their mental make up, who do not find any legitimate outlet for natural human instincts. These 10% of men who do not find wives to get married will become serious victims of depression for most of their lives. Indeed living without a wife, children, family will make their life meaningless and hellish existence without rhyme or reason. Even as the nation boasts of 9-10% growth rate, these men without marriage or wife, will lead extremely miserable depressed lives, and would often be compelled to contemplate suicide. Just imagine a situation where 50 million men are perpetually clinically depressed requiring treatment by psychiatrist or mental health professionals. This could also lead to a culture of drug trafficking and spread the use of drugs and make the nation addicted to drugs, with 50 million or more addicts. The second impact would be an increased violence against women. Marriage provides a safe legitimate outlet to carnal instincts and normal men – not monks or saints – could be induced into behavior that causes violence against women – rape, sexual harassment and so on. If 50 million men are unmarried, it could lead to few hundred million rapes every year. There would be increase in immorality and heightened prostitution. This could bring diseases such as AIDS back to surface. Indeed just imagine 10% of men being affected by HIV/AIDS. India has already experienced an AIDS epidemic of sorts with almost 1% of its population affected by HIV/AIDS. But just imagine a situation where almost 10% of men are infected with HIV/AIDS. And this is not make belief. African nations have experienced HIV/AIDS prevalence rate of almost 35%. And if it can happen in Africa it can happen in India too. Just imagine 50 million men in India infected with HIV/AIDS Apart from sexual violence, unmarried men without fulfillment – emotional, physical and spiritual – could go astray and lead criminal, violent lives. Such a large unmarried population of men could become terrorists, criminals, and indulge in socially destructive behaviour that could destroy the fabric of nation or indulge in anti national activities. Even controlling few thousand terrorists is difficult. Just imagine a situation where we have 50 million men in India who are terrorists, criminals, are indulging in viol

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