What consequences did the Brown vs. Topeka ruling have on the American education system?

Expert Answers
saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education had reaching effects in some areas and minor effects in others, depending on the climate of the state in question.

In the south and some northern states where segregation in schools was the order of the day, the effects were sweeping. Segregation had to legally come to an end. In some areas it was met with little protest. In Kansas for example, where segregation only existed in elementary level schools, the change over was relatively peaceful. The story was different in other areas. In Alabama, Arkansas, Florida and other southern states, politicians resisted fiercely. In some areas schools were shut down to prevent desegregation. The Southern Manifesto was a protest signed by many prominent southern congressmen resulting from the ruling.

The effects on black education were immensely positive. For the first time African-Americans in many parts of the south received access to fair public education that were adequately funded and close to their own neighborhoods.

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