What consequences can HIV/Aids have on teaching and learning in a classroom?

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Many are still wary about interacting with those that are HIV positive. As a result, when students find out that another student in the class or the school has HIV, parents will have many concerns about their child interacting with the one that is HIV positive. Therefore, it is important to keep medical concerns private so the student can have a positive experience in the classroom. 

If and when other students find out the medical condition of another student, it is important to inform the rest of the students on the disease, how it is spread, etc. It is not important to discuss the negatives. Emphasizing that one cannot contract the disease simply by touching or interacting with the student is very important. Many students may become wary to work with someone who has AIDS because they may believe they will catch it. Educating students is the best way to handle this type of situtation.