What are the connections/simalrites between Lovely bones and Alice Sebold's experiences?What are the connections/simalrites between Lovely bones and Alice Sebold's experiences

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In her memoir Lucky, Sebold recounts her being raped while a college student. While she, of course, survives unlike Susie in The Lovely Bones, the books do have some similarities.

1. Sebold like Susie's family is irrevocably changed and haunted by the rape. Even at the end of Lucky, the author acknowledges that she questions why it happened to her and finds it very difficult to have "normal" relationships with anybody, including some of her family members. Susie's family splinters after Susie's death, and each person struggles to cope with his or her grief.

2. A sense of injustice permeates both books. For Sebold, she had to go through the painful process of recognizing her attacker, the trial, and all the shame that goes with it. In the end, there is still no sense of justice because her attacker will never experience the loss that Sebold was forced to endure. Similarly, Susie's murdered goes for years living in relative peace and freedom while Susie's family mourns and searches for answers. Again, no matter what a court trial determines for him, nothing will equal the pain that he brought to Susie and her family.

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