What connections can be made to Of Mice and Men

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The most likely connections that a student reader will make are those that connect the novel and actual events, or "text to world" connections. John Steinbeck grew up in the area of California where Of Mice and Men takes place. As an adult, he spent time traveling through the United States during the Great Depression and lived in agricultural laborer camps. His perspectives on the workers's lives and camp life are strongly grounded in real life. Although some work conditions have changed since the 1930s, many farm and ranch hands now are seasonal or itinerant workers with no job security and still receive few if any benefits.

Steinbeck's themes in this novel can also be connected with those he develops in other works. These include other fictional treatments, such as The Grapes of Wrath. His nonfiction coverage of the workers' situation is presented in The Harvest Gypsies. Another moving nonfiction treatment of rural families during the Great Depression is Now Let Us Praise Famous Men , with text...

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