What connection is there in the novel between the Holocaust and the Dutch reaction to Muslim immigrants?

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Murder in Amsterdam revolves around the murder of Theo Van Gogh by Mohammed Bouyeri because of his participation in the making of the film Submission (2004) where he was the director. The author of the content, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, was concerned about the Islamic abuses of women and the film was part of the protest that angered the Muslim community in the Netherlands. Hirsi developed Enlightenment ideals while in the Netherlands, causing her to sharply criticize some of the Islamic teachings and their application.

Theo Van Gogh was the great-grandson to Vincent van Gogh, the famed painter. He introduces the connection of the Holocaust through a program titled Beeldreligie (screen religion) where there is a depiction of a student reading the bible but with the words “God” substituted with “screen”. This elicited threats of violence from the Dutch Nazis. The author brings the complicity of the Dutch with the Nazis and their liberal approach within their society. This has created a complicated attitude of the Dutch towards the Muslim community as depicted by outlawing the Muslim burqa from all public places while still trying to maintain liberal views as required by Dutch social settings.