Can you give me a brief discussion of the connection between Romantic Era and Edgar Allan Poe? How did he affect the Romantic Era? 

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edgar Allan Poe is usually considered an example of the Romantic movement in the United States. Although his publications are slightly later than those of such well known British Romantics as Shelley, Byron, and Wordsworth, his works share many of their characteristics. 

Although his detective stories form a separate class of works with fewer overtly Romantic characteristics, his poetry and other short fiction is typical of the movement. 

First, his settings are often Gothic in style, rugged, decayed, mysterious, ominous, isolated, or otherwise suggesting a sensibility steeped in exoticism. Like other Romantics, his works are intended to convey a mood as much as narrate a complex plot, and tends towards the melancholy and melodramatic. He is master of building atmosphere, especially of horror or madness. His works eschew moral lessons, and follow a dictate of art for art's sake, looking forward to and influencing the decadent movement towards the end of the century.

He influenced the development of the short story and of horror and mystery in both the United States and France, where his works were especially popular.