Papa's Parrot Questions and Answers
by Cynthia Rylant

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What movie makes a connection to "Papa's Parrot"? What I mean by connection is like a link to link the main purpose of the story(the bond between a boy and his father)

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A movie that has a similar theme to “Papa’s Parrot” is Big Fish.  These movies have a good connection because they are both about strained father-son relationships.  In each case, there is a lack of communication between the father and son until it is almost too late.

In “Papa’s Parrot” the boy stops visiting his father’s candy shop as he gets older because he is embarrassed that his father talks to the parrot more than people.  It is not until he comes into the shop when his father is in the hospital that he realizes his father missed him.

He watched the parrot. He understood now: someone has been saying, for a long time, “Where’s Harry? Miss him.”

Harry did not realize his father missed him so much.  The father and son did not communicate, and Harry did not understand that when his father got the bird it was a substitute for him.

This is reminiscent of the movie Big Fish because there is also a miscommunication between the father and son in this movie.  The father tells stories that excite the son when he is younger, but humiliate him when he gets older.  He accuses his father of being disingenuous.  His father tells him he doesn’t understand.

I've been nothin' but myself since the day I was born, and if you can't see that it's your failin', not mine. 

He does not realize the stories are not for his father’s ego, but for himself, until his father is very old and dying.

In each case, the father and son actually have more in common than each thinks.  They really make a connection eventually, as they understand each other better.

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