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What is a connection between Tuesdays with Morrie and Macbeth that doesn't deal with a higher power such as religion or fate.

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Hello! Both Tuesdays With Morrie and Macbeth contain similarities that are decidedly a testament to the power of the human will: both Macbeth and Morrie choose to make decisions which decide their futures. The decisions they make are not left up to fate or God. Alas, Macbeth's decisions bring him misery and eventual death, while Morrie is able to pass on his hard-won wisdom to Mitch Albom, his student.

In Tuesdays With Morrie, we learn how Morrie becomes a teacher. His fateful decision (made the day his father took him to the fur factory where he worked) eventually leads him to become Albom's professor in college.

He made another vow that he kept to the end of his life: he would never do any work that exploited someone else, and he would never allow himself to make money off the sweat of others.

Morrie tells Albom that money cannot buy love, tenderness, or companionship. He says the only way to make life worth living involves actively...

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