With regards to education, what is the connection between theory and practice?

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Theory and practice are strongly connected in the field of education. Essentially, theoretical ideas are validated only through practice. Given how education is rooted in the development of a learner's capacity for knowledge and understanding, theory is only validated with practice.  If a theory does not have practical applications or cannot be envisioned in practice, it lacks educational validity.  Few would pursue a theoretical point of view that does not have practical results.  Education is a field where there are no other conditions. Either one's capacity to learn and understand is increased or it is not. Either one is engaging in best practices, or one is not.  For this reason theory and practice are strongly linked when it comes to education.  Educational ideas are tested in their practical use.  Those that are accepted over time are ones that have foundations in practice.  Practice is what validates and confirms theoretical ideas. Teachers and stakeholders fail to accept ideas that do not have a practical track record of success.  It is in this light where there is a strong connection between theory and practice.


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