What are the conflicts in Treasure Island?  

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As in most great adventure novels, conflicts are many, and Treasure Island is no exception. There are many conflicts between the characters involved: Young Jim Hawkins must not only get over his fear of the pirates that surround him, but he must also decide whether Long John Silver can be trusted. Jim has a big decision to make when he decides to "desert" his companions in order to return and gain control of the ship. The doctor is forced to make a decision between his hate for the pirates and his medical obligations to treat his injured and wounded enemies. Later, the doctor agrees with the others when it comes time to strand the pirates on the island, but his humane nature determines that he must also leave them provisions in order to survive. Silver himself has to decide between remaining with his pirate comrades or quickly change sides to join the others when they find that the treasure has been removed. The captain and loyal crew must then decide whether to trust Silver when they allow him to join them against the other pirates.

Other conflicts include man against the natural elements, especially when Jim has to maneuver Ben Gunn's little boat before taking on the bigger challenge of handling the Hispaniola by himself.