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After Pahom increased his land holdings, he faced a number of challenges from his neighbors and later in his ability to increase his production output. Pahom purchased forty acres from a landowner who was selling her land. He was successful after the acquisition. However, his neighbors and their livestock started trespassing on his land. The animals destroyed his crops and pasture, and when he couldn’t take it anymore, Pahom sought legal action. The trespassers were punished, and as a result, his neighbors turned hostile. They willfully destroyed his produce and threatened to burn his house.

Pahom heard of a different area where land was cheaper and highly productive. He liquidated his property and moved to the new area. As expected, Pahom acquired more land than he had previously. He was successful at wheat farming in the new area. However, wheat was only grown on virgin soil, and this forced him to rent more land in order to grow more wheat. The plots he rented were in different areas, which increased his transportation costs, especially during the harvest. In addition, renting introduced new complexities with the peasants, forcing him to consider buying freehold land.