What are the conflicts in the novel Chains?

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One of the main conflicts in the novel Chains is the conflict between Isabel and slavery. Not only does Isabel have to deal with the physical and emotional stresses of being in slavery, but she is also manipulated into thinking she will be set free, which makes the conflict even more prominent.

In regard to slavery is another conflict, which is the cruel relationship between Isabel and her owner, Mrs. Lockton. Mrs. Lockton abuses Isabel throughout the story.

Finally, there is a conflict between the Rebels and the Loyalists. The Rebels are working toward ending slavery, freeing not only Isabel, but all other slaves during the American Revolution. The Loyalists, on the other hand, practice slavery. Mrs. and Mr. Lockton are both Loyalists.

Throughout the novel, Isabel experiences numerous inner conflicts. She must constantly try to reconcile herself to an unacceptable situation. Although she contemplates running away, the deep internal conflict that holds her back is her sense of...

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