What conflicts might be anticipated while working in a learning team? How might the team handle potential conflicts among members?

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This is a great question. There are many types of conflicts that are possible in a team setting. In light of this, let me name a few of them. 

First, there are personality conflicts. As you know, all people are different. And some types of personality do not get along with other types of personalities. Hence, there can be friction. 

Second, in teams there is also things like competition that can take place between people. For this reason, there can be conflict to stand out more, to get noticed, and the like. The human heart is uncanny when it comes to seeking thing for itself. 

Third, there is always the pressures from external forces. For example, if there is a competition and some team members perform badly, then they might get the blame. 

As you can see, there are many types of problems. In terms of resolving them, I would say that team building activities can work wonders. Also if people get to know each other as people, this will go a long way. 

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