What conflicts do you think existed between Emily and her father?the community thought of Emily and her father "as a tabeau---a kind of dramatic picture. this tabeau suggests conflict.

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Emily's father was old-school.  He believed that men ruled the roost and the world, women included.  Women were to be seen (and beautifully), but not heard.  They didn't make choices or have anything to do with politics or the way the world was run. They rarely had control over their lives or much in it.  Emily had different ideas.  She was a different generation forced to live with the rules set by the previous one.  She lived at home, with her father, her whole life.  She watched as her father deemed suitor after suitor unfit for her.  She watched as suitors stopped coming, and then she watched her father die.  She clung to him and refused to allow them to move his body because she had never had to live and make decisions on her own...perhaps she was afraid to begin now or afraid she wouldn't be able to and that she would simple cease to exist with his death.  At any rate, the murder of Homer Baron can definitely be read as an act of rebellion against her father.