What conflicts do you see emerging in the play "A Raisin in the Sun"?

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The most obvious conflict is that of racism and prejudice.  The Youngers are a black family moving into a white neighborhood.  The neighbors try to pay them to move away and then resort to threats.

There is also conflict with Beneatha wanting to be a doctor and the cost of her school.  She believes she deserves the money more than anyone else for her education.

Other family members have ideas about how to spend the money as well, so there is the conflict of the money and how to spend it.

Walter takes the money for a "get rich quick" scheme and gets conned out of it.  He takes away the conflict of how to spend the money and replaces it with how will they afford the new house in addition to their resentment of him and his stupidity.

Beneatha also suffers from the internal conflict of whether or not marry her African boyfriend and move away from her family and all that is familiar and safe.

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