From The House on Mango Street, discuss the level of conflicts in Esperanza.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are elements of both types of conflict in Cisneros' work.  Esperanza struggles externally with the conflict that is posed between she as a young woman and her community, which has a fixed and narrow view of what options are there for women.  Esperanza struggles with this external condition because it proves to be a barrier between her state of being and her wishes.  It is here where this external conflict becomes internal.  Esperanza finds herself struggling with her own sense of identity because of this difference between what exists in her social order and what lies inside her own maturation.  The narrative operates in both of these spheres, internal and external.  Both conflicts feed off of one another in order to give a level of depth to Esperanza and what she experiences in her world.  It also allows her a platform for her to be able to articulate what she wishes her world to be because her experiences with conflict are both internal and external.

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