What is the conflict in The View From Saturday?

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There are many minor conflicts in The View From Saturday. However, all the conflicts displayed among the characters are just a representation of the main conflict. E. L. Konigsburg builds the major conflict between The Souls and society. In essence, all the major characters in this book have several flaws. Mrs. Olinski is disabled due to her involvement in an accident. She lacks confidence and turns to The Souls for encouragement. Each of the other four members that make up Mrs. Olinski's academic team has personal flaws. Ethan is a loner, and other students think he is weird. As a result, he is found to be easy prey by bullies. Noah is egotistical and always thinks he is right. Nadia is a troubled girl; she is engulfed by self-pity and anger owing to the divorce of her parents. Julian is a shy young man who thinks that the accomplishments of his elder brother make him inferior. The unruly behavior displayed by Hamilton toward Julian and Mrs. Olinski shows how the community regards people...

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