What is the conflict of The Most Dangerous Game?

Expert Answers
linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to your question depends on which part of the story you're reading at the moment. In terms of a short story, conflict is what drives the plot; without some kind of conflict, there is no plot. There are several types of conflict:

  • person vs. person
  • person vs. nature
  • person vs. society
  • person vs. self
  • person vs. technology

In "The Most Dangerous Game," you can find examples of almost all of these types of conflict. When Rainsford and Zaroff are in the midst of their "game," the conflict is person vs. person. When Rainsford falls off yacht and has to swim to shore, the conflict is person vs. nature.

Reread the story and see if you can find other examples of conflict.