What conflict, or struggle between opposing forces, is introduced when Rikki-Tikki first comes to the garden in "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" by Rudyard Kipling?

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In the story, "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" by Rudyard Kipling, Rikki-Tikki, the mongoose  goes out to the garden and is very excited by all of the possibilities for hunting there. While outside, he hears a mournful cry and sees two warblers crying in their nest. Rikki-Tikki asks them why they are so sad, and they tell him that one of their babies fell from the nest and Nag, the snake, ate him. As they are talking, they hear a hissing sound, and there is Nag, a five foot long black cobra. Nag introduces himself, and as Rikki-Tikki is taking him to task for eating a poor baby bird, suddenly Darzee, the warbler says, "Behind you! Look behind you!" Just in time Rikki-Tikki jumps out of the way of Nagaina, Nag's snaky wife. Having missed their target, Nag and Nagaina leave--for now.

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