What is the conflict to the story "A rose for Emily"?

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One could say that there are many conflicts in the William Faulkner short story “A Rose for Emily.” One main conflict is abandonment. Her father abandons her through death. After spending much of her life keeping her isolated from the males who came to court her, the loss of the only prominent man in her life was traumatizing. Remember how she would not let them in to take his body? Remember how she went into seclusion, and when she reappeared, she looked like a young child again? Later in the story, the reader is surprised by the crayon portrait she had drawn of her father and placed in a gilded frame for display. Later, Homer Baron, her beau (or that’s what everyone including Miss Emily thought) revealed his intention to abandon her. Here too, Miss Emily was reluctant to let the man in her life go, so she took matters into her own hands by killing Homer and keeping his corpse locked in her house until her death.

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