What is the conflict of the story "The Lady with a Dog" by Anton Chekhov?

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The story “The Lady with a Dog” by Anton Chekhov opens in the summer resort at Yalta where the main character, Dmitri Gurov, starts an affair with “the lady with a dog,” Anna Sergeyevna, even though he is married with two children. She too is married but her husband is not with her; young and inexperienced, she is easy to seduce. The romance starts off as all his other flings have. The woman acts in predictable ways, which bores Dmitri a little, but still he pursues the affair as he has all the others. When Anna must return to home to her husband, he says goodbye and never expects to see her again.

When Gurov gets back to Moscow, he is relieved to be in a place that has so much meaning for him. Gurov returns to the rhythms of his daily life, fully expecting to forget about Yalta and Anna. But life in Moscow does not satisfy as it once did. Slowly Moscow begins to be drained of meaning. This is the conflict that grips Gurov: how to find meaning in his life when everything starts to...

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