What is the conflict and solution in The House on Mango Street?

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The conflict in the House on Mango Street is Esperanza's struggles to find her true identity, and her independence from the otherwise dragging and pulling circumstances that keep her stranded among a group of women much different than herself. These women include her aunts, her sister, her best friend Sally, and other Chicanas who approach love, sex, and relationships in a co-dependent way whereas Esperanza (whose English translation of her name is "Hope") tries to counteract those behaviors by reasserting herself as an independent woman who is in control of her own destiny, and who has wants and needs that she can meet for herself instead of expecting a man to fulfill them.

The resolution of this conflict  was that after she made the hard decision of leaving Mango Street (despite of it being the only reality she knew) she instead listened to her aunts and returned. She did not return because she needed to be in Mango St., butt because she did not want Mango St. to define her as a person, nor to become a Nemesis in her life. If anything, she will want to explore her feelings about the place through writing and helping other women (by becoming a role model of independence) and by making sure she is in charge of her circumstances, rather than the circumstance of living in Mango St. be the maker of her persona.

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