What is the conflict resolution in Dear Mr. Henshaw?

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Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary is a novel about a young boy named Leigh Botts. Leigh writes back and forth to his favorite author, Mr. Henshaw. Throughout their letters (mostly the letters from Leigh), readers learn about Leigh's life and what problems he is dealing with at home, at school, and with his family.

One major problem that Leigh must resolve is at school. His lunches keep getting stolen because his mother makes him delicious snacks from a catering company where she works. Leigh resolves this problem by making an alarm system for his lunch, a suggestion from Mr. Fridley, the school custodian.

Another problem in Leigh's life is the fact that his parents are divorced. Leigh doesn't get to see his dad often because he is a truck driver who travels frequently. Leigh feels angry with his parents and is often lonely. This problem does not have a set resolution. As the novel progresses, Leigh learns that his parents did not get a divorce because of him, and that often, the best...

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