In The Odyssey, what is the conflict and resolution of "The Cattle of The Sun God" and "The Land of the Dead"?

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"The Cattle of the Sun God"

CONFLICT: Odysseus men ate the Sun God's cattle because they were hungry. Thus, they pitted themselves in a conflict with Lord Helios in a man vs. god conflict.

RESOLUTION: As soon as they were out to sea for a while, he ensured a storm broke them up completely and drowned them all except for Odysseus who did not eat his cattle. Odysseus survives and goes to live with Calypso on Ogygia.

"The Land of the Dead"

CONFLICT: Odysseus cannot go home unless he consults Tiresias the blind prophet. He is in turmoil with the gods and it will not solve itself unless he learns that which he must do. When in the Land of the Men of Winter, he discovers that both his mother and his soldier Elpenor died without his knowledge. Thus, he has an inner conflict about not having been there for either incident.

RESOLUTION: Tiresias gives Odysseus tasks he can do when he arrives back in Ithaca. One of the demands Tiresias places on him is to kill all the men who have been feasting on his livestock and courting his wife. The other great demand is to go far inland to erect a monument for Poseidon.

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