What is the conflict and resolution in the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor?  

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The central conflict is a man vs. nature conflict.  Phillip and Timothy are stranded on a small island, and the two men must struggle to survive in the face of overwhelming odds.   The struggle to survive is made even more difficult by the physical limitations that both Phillip and Timothy have.  Phillip has been blinded and Timothy is aging and no longer 100% healthy.  That conflict is only half resolved by the end of the book though.  Timothy does not survive the island.  Only Phillip eventually survives to be rescued from the island.  He is reunited with his family and friends, but Phillip has changed so much that he feels distanced from his former friend Henrik.  Phillip's eyesight is restored by an operation, and the story closes with Phillip desiring to find a way to get back to the tiny island.