What is the first conflict that Rainsford must face?

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price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The very first conflict that Rainsford experiences happens before he even meets Zaroff and lands on Ship-Trap island.  On his yacht, Rainsford is reflectively smoking his pipe when he hears gunshots coming from the island obscured by a fog.   Rainsford drops his pipe and while grabbing for it, falls into the ocean. From there, he must swim to the island in the treacherous ocean, conserving his energy in order to make it. So, the very first conflict Rainsford has is with nature and trying to survive the ocean. 

After that, the main conflict in the story is against Zaroff as Rainsford is hunted.  Rainsford fights for his life (like the big game he has hunted all his life) against Zaroff until the end when he kills Zaroff and takes over the island as the new winner of the “most dangerous game.” 

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