What is the conflict and plot of the Swiss Family Robinson?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The plot of "The Swiss Family Robinson" is a simple story of survival.  A family (consisting of two parents and four sons) is shipwrecked on a deserted island on their way to a distant colony to start life anew.  Finding themselves on their own, they rely on their faith and ingenuity to build a home for themselves.

For over a decade they build homes and labor-saving devices, etc., to create a paradise for themselves.  Their eventual discovery leads, not to rescue, but the decision to remain on the island and continue their lives that they have created.

As with most survival stories, the conflict is man vs. nature.  However, due to the relatively benign depiction of nature on the island, there is not much of a conflict other than the establishment of a civilized home for themselves.  With no outside interference, the Robinsons live a life of peace and relatively conflict-free existence.  The flat characters are shown to be adept at using their creativity to create a utopia.

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