What is an example of a  conflict in The Man Who Would be King?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An example of a conflict is the character vs. character conflict between the reporter and the clowns Peachey Carnehan and Daniel Dravot.

The narrator is a real reporter, and he meets Carnehan and Dravot, who are pretending to be reporters.  The narrator is trying to be respectable, and the other two are just buffoons.  They get it into their heads that they want to be kings, and drag the narrator into it.

Later on I reflected that two gentlemen like my friends could not do any good if they foregathered and personated correspondents of newspapers, and might … get themselves into serious difficulties.

Of course, they do get into difficulties.  The narrator does not like being involved.  He finds them friends, but at the same time is willing to turn them in because he is afraid of what they might do.  They do get into trouble as they become the kings of a little African country.  Unfortunately, they do so by pretending to be gods and once the natives realize they are not, they kill Dravot and seriously injure Carnehan

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