What is the conflict in Lord of The Flies?ok, i know that it was ralph and jack fighting over chief. this is part of an essay and this is the part im struggling on.

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The conflict in Lord of the Flies by William Golding is really the conflict between good and evil.  Golding was in WWII fighting against Hitler, and of course, saw terrible evil during his time as a soldier.  This novel is his attempt to look at the origins of evil by using children, who are the closest to innocence, as his main characters.  Ralph, the protagonist, represents good and the order of life as British schoolchildren would know it with its rules and expectations of behavior.  Jack, the leader of the choir, represents the breakdown of civilization, the destruction of rules and civilized behavior.  He, as the hunter, becomes a killer of pigs and then of people.  As time goes by on the isolated island, the boys descend into savagery so that by the end, Ralph lives only because the naval captain arrives from the outside world which is itself dealing with a nuclear holocaust.  So the fight is over far more than who will be chief; think about what each of the two boys represent or what they each become.

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