What is the conflict in House of the Scorpion?  

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Conflicts come in different forms.  The two main categories are internal (character versus self) and external (character versus an outside force).

The main conflicts in this book are external.  First of all, there is character vs. technology.  Matt’s biggest problem is that he is a clone, and was created through technology instead of the natural way.  This leads to the second biggest conflict, character vs. society.  Society frowns on clones, and so Matt is hidden until he is 6 years old and then treated like an animal when he is found.  Clones aren’t considered people.  They refer to him as “it” instead of using “he” like a human.  Matt does not really understand the meaning of the word “clone” and does not know why people treat him badly.

There are internal conflicts too, as Matt faces confusion, uncertainty and fear when he learns who he is, and then faces the need to escape.

As the book continues, Matt faces other conflicts.  He has a character vs. character conflict with El Patron throughout the book, as well as other characters and The Keepers and others who victimize him.


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